How To Delete System 32 |A Quick Guide

The System 32 folder is one of the most important folders in every modern version of Windows.  It contains some important files of the operating system that Windows need to work properly. The directory contains various types of files. Most have the extension DLL and EXE.

These files are used by Windows programs, utilities, and other programs on your computer.

Today we are going to provide you a guide for deleting the system32 folder present in the location:  C:\windows\system32. 

how to delete system 32

Should you delete the System 32 folder?

No, you should not.  Windows stores all the important files in the Windows System 32 folder. When you delete it, your computer will very unstable and you might even need to reinstall windows.

Can you really delete the System 32 folder?

Yes, with appropriate admin privileges, it is possible to delete this folder. But let us tell you, it is not safe to delete it. Do not proceed any further if you don’t have a clue about what you are doing.

When to delete the System 32 folder?

When your computer is infected with viruses and there is no way of removing it, you can delete the system 32 folders. But this will remove your current windows so, have a backup plan for windows installation. Get a bootable CD or a flash drive ready before you try to delete the system 32 folders.  Also, when your computer s extremely slow and unstable, you can delete this folder.

How to delete system 32?

 If you really want to delete the system 32 on your Windows 10, we have some easy instructions that you can try out. To use this process, you need to command prompt and admin privileges.  This is how you do it:

  • The first part of the process is to go to the start menu and then open the command prompt.
  • Now, the next thing you need to do is press the control + shift + escape keys at once to use the command prompt with admin privileges.
  • After this, inside the command prompt type the following command: takeown/f C:\\Windows\System32  and hit enter.
  • This will make you own the folder.
  • Once you own the folder, type lcacls C:\\Windows\System 32 in the command prompt and hit enter again. This will give you the right to delete the folder.
  • Now, you can exit the command prompt, go to the System 32 folder location, and delete the folder.

system 32 delete

  • To delete the folder, close all the applications that are running on the computer.
  • When you have closed all the running applications, double click on My computer on windows to open the Explorer.
  • Double click on Local Disk C, enter the folder titled Windows, and then select a folder with the label System 32.
  • Now, the last thing to do is shift delete the System 32 folder. Click Yes on the delete folder dialog box and then your deletion process is almost complete.  Wait for a moment and it should be completed.

Remember this process is only applicable in Windows 10. You can try this method to delete System 32 in Windows 8 too. One thing to make sure is that the deletion process is done with you in charge. You will be responsible for the outcome. So, beware about that.


The System 32 folder is like the heart of the computer. Sometimes, the heart can get infected and you need to replace it. We are doing the same thing by deleting an infected System 32 folder. But if the folder isn’t infected or if you are not sure, please do not delete this folder.

It is one of the most important folders in a Windows Computer and deleting it can cause your windows to act you. You will definitely need to replace the windows and that can take hours. So, only delete the folder if you are absolutely sure about what you are doing.

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