How to Fix PS4 WS-37432-9 Error Code [Fixed]

PS4 WS-37432-9 Error

When you buy a PS4, the first thing that you’d have to do is join the PlayStation Network. A lot of people play multiplayer games these days so, a PS Plus membership is necessary. The PS Plus and the PlayStation store work with the PlayStation network. So, the network is the backbone of the PS4. … Read more

How to Fix PS4 NP-31730-4 Error Code [Fixed]

The PSN is an important part of the PS4 console. PlayStation’s multiplayer infrastructure is built on the PSN and it is very important that you keep logged into the network. But sometimes things can go wrong. From frequent network failures to just not being able to connect to the PSN, there are so many errors … Read more

How To Fix PS4 SU-30638-0 Error Code [Fixed]

Ever woke up one day early in the morning and tried to play your PS4 only to find that the console is not opening at all? Well, we have definitely faced this problem and the error code for this is SU-30638-0. This error is quite common for the PS4 and it can occur because for … Read more

PS4 WV-33898-1 error code Fixed [100% Working]

PS4 WV-33898-1 error

The PS4 is also a computer in addition to being a gaming console. It can run apps such as Netflix and a Web Browser. And just like any computer, there are issues that arise in these applications. The WV-33898-1 is one such issue and it occurs in your PS4 browser. When you try to browse … Read more

How to Fix PS4 CE-34788-0 Error Code [Fixed]

Ce-34788-0 error fix

Update errors are nothing new in the PS4. Almost everyone who owns a PS4 will face an update error at least once.  Most of these errors occur when you are trying to update the PS4 software. The CE-34788-0 is one such error code that occurs when you are trying to update the system. The error … Read more